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Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDFs, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube all of these applications are part of your daily workflow.

What happens when you need to switch?

Zudo Software gives you the power to save your open applications instantly.


Keeping opened documents, spreadsheets and tabs that you can never close, slows down your computer system and wastes valuable time managing files and applications. 

Let Zudo Software Organize and Save the state of your data...instantly.

Automate Your Desktop

Save Everything

  • Save Everything: Save multiple documents, Websites, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs and all of your SaaS applications instantly.  

  • Share the Web:  Share or Save websites instantly  without copy and pasting Urls or digging through Bookmarks.

  • Switch Instantly: Re-Launch your windows exactly the way you saved them.

  • Secure Data System:  Review all documents and websites before sharing securely.

Compatible with:

- Faster than email

- Ultimate SaaS Manager

- Automated Cloud Backup

- 1Click Save  

- Desktop Automation 

In Development:

- Share the web, not urls 

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